If  those in power claim to feel the “hand of God” on their shoulders, should we feel comforted, inspired or afraid?

When Pastors, Imans, Priests and Sultans enter into the political arena and state that their religious conviction is their manifesto, how should we react? If we do not share their religious conviction, how should we vocalise this?

Human beings, whether Christian, Muslim, Animist, Evolutionist or Atheist, all believe something we cannot prove. Our view depends on faith as we see it, and is a manifestation of our interpretation of the evidence set before us.

One man believes his interpretation of God created the world, and another believes that it all came about by Serendipity or chance. Neither can prove their standpoint.

For years Nigeria has been torn apart by religious conflict between those who have differing views.

The Foundation believes that each Nigerian must be left to practice his or her religion in peace, where it does not infringe the liberty of another. No one should be forced to adopt or maintain a religious expression or view with which they are not in free agreement.

Whilst religion has motivated men to make great scientific advancements, liberate nations, end slavery and show great works of charity to others; it has also been used to murder, kill, enslave and abuse millions.

The Foundation believes that religion and faith is the personal choice of each individual, and whilst we can proclaim, tell and even argue about the topic, no one must be allowed to use violence (either physical or emotional) or force, to keep others in a religion, or bring others into a belief system they do not wish to partake in.