Honour Enahoro With Credible Elections, Says Jakande

THE First Executive Governor of Lagos State, Alhaji Lateef Jakande, has described the death of frontline nationalist, Chief Anthony Enahoro as a national loss. According to him, Enahoro was an icon, a titian, patriot, committed leader and freedom fighter and urged Nigerians to honour him with credible elections in 2011.

“He lived and died as a progressive. In the process, he was accused of treasonable felony with Chief Obafemi Awolowo. As a progressive leader, he remained firm and committed even to the last day of his life. We were on the conveyance of a progressive group. Even when he had serious problems with the government, he still pursued these goals,” he said.

He disclosed that late elder statesman called on progressives to have a common front before he died. “Before his death, we were about to convene a meeting of the progressive party. He will be unhappy that it did not happen in his lifetime. I believe that God in his mercies will make it happen soon.

“His goal was to establish a united front for the progressives in the country. Now that he has passed on, I do hope that the progressives in the country will not allow him to have worked in vain,” he added.

Jakande regretted that the progressives are too scattered. “I do not like it. Majority of Nigerians are progressive. I want to call on all progressive leaders to come together and give this nation the type of governance that is needed.

“I think the progressives are divided. There is too much suffering in the country. It is only a progressive government, especially at the federal level, that can do the job and save this country.

“This country does not deserve to break up. This country is a giant country in the continent of Africa. We need a progressive administration to develop our people and the rest of Africa.”

He recalled that as far back as 1953, Enahoro moved the motion for Nigeria’s independence. “The British eventually left in 1960 although he had wanted them to leave earlier. He was looking far ahead. But it came when God desired it and there is no regret for it.

“If the people are well organized, nobody can cheat us through unbelievable fraudulent election results. The first priority is the alliance of progressives and we are doing our best to bring it about. It is a question of coming together,” he said.

SOURCE: Guardian


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