Enahoro emerges Ijaw group Man of the Year

The Ijaw Monitoring Group, IMG, has named the late Chief Pa Anthony Enahoro as the 2010 man of the year.

Coordinator of IMG, Mr  Joseph Evah, in a statement, said that the late nationalist won the award owing to the fact that Chief Enahoro’s motion for independence on  March 31, 1953 finally led Nigeria out of colonial rule “and Almighty God gave Enahoro the grace to survive on earth until he witnessed Nigeria’s 50 years of nationhood.”

“Enahoro was lucky to survive as the last nationalist to travel the rough road of political activism from colonial days before independence to post colonial era.

“Africans took over power in Nigeria and turned our dear country to a jungle, yet he survived all their plans to eliminate him.

“We are proud that Enahoro remained the foremost advocate of true federalism in Nigeria all his life to save this bastardised country.

“Pa Enahoro deserves this award because he became the living mirror of the glorious past when the founding fathers of our dear country  worked hard to make Nigeria the giant of the black race and all Enahoro battled against the hijackers of our development and progress since 1960 to 2010 was to return Nigeria to the dreams of our founding fathers.

“He was the first and the last symbol of Nigeria independence and we urge the Federal Government to name the National Assembly complex after Chief Enahoro, if truly the Federal Government is not shading crocodile tears over Enahoro’s death.

“It is not too much to name the complex after the nationalist, who moved motion for independence in similar chamber 58 years ago,” the statement added.

SOURCE: Vanguard Online

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