The Foundation believes in a free-market in which men must be allowed to pursue employment and economic gain.

We also believe that Education, Healthcare and Transport are not areas in which the making of profit should play a deciding factor. These three areas are pivotal to the health of a nation, and invariably suffer when the making of profit becomes the motivating factor.

We believe that the less fortunate must be assisted, so they can become self-sufficient and profit-generating where possible.

Above all, the Foundation believes that the wealth of the nation found in its natural resources must be exploited efficiently and equitably, and be used to fund the nation in a way that leads to the effective development of the nation for the benefit of its peoples.

We believe that the primary, but not sole beneficiaries of these resources are those people groups under and on whose land the resources are found.

Nigeria has more than enough to successfully eradicate poverty without the need for foreign aid. There are both the material and human resources to do so.

Democracy without the ability to find food, housing and healthcare is a hollow Democracy. It creates an illusion of a fair State, but strengthens the inequalities found therein. The Foundation believes that sound and honest economics; putting food on the tables of the people; is fundamental to creating a stable State.



©Gabriel Enahoro