Ilenre: Enahoro, victory in death

THE elder statesman, Chief Anthony Eromosele Enahoro, one of the eminent Nigerian nationalists who died on December 15, 2010, will be remembered for the many roles he played in the cause of the struggle for Nigerian independence. At 30, he moved the 1953 crisis motion for independence. The colonial administration jailed him three times in 1946, 1947 and 1949. At age 40, in 1963 he was a fugitive offender extradited from exile in Britain to face a false charge of treason. Continue reading “Ilenre: Enahoro, victory in death”

The Tony Enahoro I Knew

THE mere mention of his name and the knowledge that he was around sent shivers into us. We were pupils of St. David’s Anglican School , Akure. Our teachers literarily trembled with fear. Even our amiable and most respected headmaster, Mr. Abiodun, was visibly nervous. Pa Enahoro, (for who dared call or recall his first name?) was the supervisor of schools in the early forties at Akure and its environs. Not the now familiar “Pa Tony Enahoro”; but his father. Tony Enahoro’s father was a stern disciplinarian; stricter than most of his peers, then entrusted by the British colonial masters with the responsibility of moulding our young minds, in those days, in the early forties. Pa Enahoro (Snr). belonged to that rare and privileged breed of Nigerians, who dared stand shoulder by shoulder, and looked at the white man, right straight in the face.

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Lives remembered: Chief Anthony Enahoro

Geoffrey Rutter writes: I read with interest and some sadness your obituary for Chief Anthony Enahoro (Jan 4). Please allow me to expand on the UK political scene that existed in 1962 when the Chief was imprisoned at Brixton Prison pending his return to Nigeria on an extradition warrant. At the time I was a young solicitor acting with my late father on the Chief’s behalf. His request for political asylum was turned down notwithstanding the Chief’s fear of execution if he returned to Nigeria.

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Tireless campaigner first for independence and then for democracy in autocratic Nigeria who was imprisoned for his beliefs

Chief Anthony Enahoro was one of Nigeria’s longest-serving political activists.

For seven decades he played a prominent role in the tumultuous politics of the country, campaigning first for independence from Britain, and later taking a courageous stand against some of Nigeria’s most brutal dictators.

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Okanlawon: Enahoro (1923-2010) And Pax Nigeriana: A Tribute

A contributory, anecdotal tribute expunges hitherto known clichés and confirms that Chief Anthony Eromosele Oseghale Enahoro, the King’s College (KC) student of the 1937-42 class was a human comet, whose demise/home call would have been heralded by a celestial comet were Nigeria’s development normal, if not seriously moribund at the time.

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Fasina-Thomas: Goodnight, Tony Enahoro

CHIEF Anthony Eromosele Enahoro was an excellent newsmaker. That would have been sufficient for a prolific journalist that he was——except that Tony Enahoro was most times the news himself.  In his profession, he was a Rocky Marciano who came in with rip-roaring qualities that made the great Zik make him a newspaper editor at the incredible age of 21. In politics, his brilliant ideas won the heart of the remarkable Awo who made him Minister in the then Western Region and consequently member of the caucus of the pragmatic Action Group.

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